Things You Need to Know When Working With Dropship Suppliers

Always consider the following when you are looking for a reliable dropship supplier to work with:

  1. Does the supplier put in your business name or their name in the order to be shipped to your customer?
  2. Does the supplier has an online system whereby they could keep your website updated promptly with the out of stock items as well as new arrivals?
  3. Does the supplier offer you enough margin to make on selling the products?
  4. Does the supplier ship out the orders quickly?
  5. Does the supplier deal with return and customer’s complaint quickly?
  6. Does the supplier offer a great variety of products to help you convert more customers?
  7. Are the suppliers selling the products themselves or are they just a middleman?

If your dropship supplier could solve the issues highlighted above, there is plenty of money to be make within the dropshipping market.

Turnkey Solution Service Showroom
Dropshipper Showroom

The key to having a successful dropshipping business is to find your niche- you have to find that key product that is going to add value to the customers life..but one that you have enough knowledge in if the customer has questions.

You have to find a product that is going to add value to the customers life but also a product that has a good profit margin. It is near impossible to find a product which you could buy cheaper than what are being sold on Ebay and Amazon. This is because a lot of the sellers on Ebay and Amazon buy in bulk and thus they save on shipping fee. For dropshipping, the product cost is not the key element in order to be successful. It is a good business model to build on your own brand, by leveraging on the products of someone’s else.

A dropship supplier who has been selling the same products on their own website would be better than someone who does not sell the products themselves. The supplier who is selling the products will understand the products very well and they will be able to give better advice to you when it comes to marketing and customer service.

Create a good website is the foundation of the success of your dropshipping business! provides e-commerce website which is fully configured and integrated with all the dropshipping products and information, shopping cart and your orders. This is a solution that provide quick response to your  business whereby everything is seamlessly integrated. You do not have to place order with them when you have an order. All you need to do is just to click on the payment button and the goods would be shipped out to your customers straight away and it is that simple. You do not have to update new products by uploading it one by one but it will be done for you. You can learn how it works on What is turnkey solution.

Sexy Lingerie Turnkey Store
Sexy Lingerie Turnkey Store

After having your turnkey website, it does not mean customers would automatically come to your website. There are many ways you could sell or marke the products online but I would leave this to the next article. One of the simplest way to market the products if you have not learnt about any online marketing skills, is to create a free Amazon or eBay seller account and start listing all those products there. This method works great if you really don’t have any other better way or budget to promote your own website. However, this is not as scalable as using your own site. The reason for this is because on eBay and Amazon you are competing with thousands of other sellers and those sellers could be selling way cheaper than you, because they have the financial strength to buy in bulk.

In the end of the day, competing solely on prices would kill everybody as no one is going to make money. It is time to think from a bigger perspective how we can all add value to this supply chain, instead of removing value from it. It is time that we think about the customers really need and how you could connect and engage them better. No one likes to buy cheap products but everyone likes to save money. If you could offer them something which they think is worth more than the price, then they will buy it even if it is more expensive.

The objective of turnkeymaster’s turnkey solution service is to enable every resellers find their niche and market the products in a different way that adds better value to customers.

Written by Stephen Liew, CEO of JIOS Marketing

Content Marketing Tips 2

Today we would like to share with you today how you could write a good content by starting a mission statement and by analyzing what your competitors are writing to their customers.

Before going to create a core message, here are the 3 content marketing strategies you could consider:

1. Creating Core Message

Your core message is the primary benefit you offer your customers. It might include your story or the one piece of advice you share with customers. This message is the bottom-line reason why you’re in business and should be the guiding principle for all content.

Start with your mission statement: What do you want to do for your customers or clients? What impact do you want to have on their lives?

Phrase your core message: Based on your mission statement, what is the big benefit you want your followers to get from engaging with your content.

If you can’t decide what it is, look for one central solution you provide your customers or one big question you answer when talking with them.


Mission: “To help all working ladies to pick dresses that would make them shine for any special occasion, at their finger tips.”

Core Message: “Your customer will save so much time and money on the dress, and will run like a happy puppy when she receive so much compliments from their friends.”

Secondary Messages: “Your customers do not have to go through the hassles of looking for the dresses on other market places where there is no way that these market places could understand the need of your customers as much as you do.”

2. Analyze What Your Competitors Are Writing

Select five brands in your industry that are using content marketing successfully. You may select brands that are industry leaders or smaller brands — as long as they use content marketing to grow their business. Then evaluate their content by the following:

  • Try to identify their core message.
  • List the topics they cover. How well do they support the core message?
  • List the types of content produced, include blog posts, social media posts, podcasts or videos, special reports, slide shows, infographics, ebooks, and more.
  • Make note of how often each type of content is posted. If several types are used, lay out each content type in its own line in the previous column, then list the frequency of that type of content beside it in this column.
  • Make note of the calls to action used in different types of content.
  • Try to find the gap, or what they don’t cover in their content marketing.

3. Deciding On The Specific Types Of Content You Want To Create

You can create one type of content or multiple types. Your options include:

Blog posts:
Articles that talk about issues related to your core message and secondary messages. They can range anywhere from 100 words to 2,000 words, depending on the format you choose and what your readers prefer.

Magazine articles: 
Like a blog post, these posts talk about issues related to your core message, but instead of publishing them digitally, you publish them in a print magazine. That magazine may be your brand’s magazine, a trade (industry) magazine, or a consumer magazine such as Inc., Fortune, Time, etc.

Not all content is housed on your website. You can create a channel on YouTube or Vimeo that provides another access point to your business. Some content marketers upload videos to YouTube, then reposted on their blog. Others create a video blog, or vlog, that lives on YouTube.

Podcasts are audio articles or radio shows, often published in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Blubrry. Podcasting is gaining renewed popularity now because people who don’t have time to read are able to listen to articles while in their daily commute or other activities.

Powerpoint presentations:
Offer the them on your website. Turn them into infographics. Use them in blog posts. Upload them to Slideshare.

Tutorials, guides:
You can create a Web page that provides links to additional information, essentially making a lesson plan for learning something new. This is a great way to build authority in your area of expertise. Remember to tell people what to do if they need additional help. (See how easy it is to drive business objectives with your content!)

Infographics are creative presentations of facts and figures rather than dry-as-toast reports. If they’re well done, they are also very sharable. is a great resource for simple infographics. You could also search for the infographics related to your products on Google and understand what infographics your competitors are offering.

Content marketing is about building relationship. What better way than to send your content to people’s inbox rather than making them visit your website every day? A newsletter also helps you build your email list, which allows you to make email offers as well. You can make use of the email service provided by Mailchimp to send out news and updates to your subscribers.

Ebooks, books and products/programs:
Ebooks and books are a great way to build authority and trust. You can easily produce a short ebook and sell it on Amazon or Ebay. Then turn it into a PDF and offer it on your website as well.

TIP #1 If you’re just starting your content marketing strategy, start with your blog. Then as you gain expertise, add one or two new type of content at a time.

TIP #2 Before settling on a type of content, double check your choice:

  • Is it something that is easy for you to create?
  • Do your followers want to receive information in that format?

Content marketing is king in online marketing and it is all about showing your expertise and building up your authority in certain area relating to your business. It is the trust that you have to gain from your audience before you can start doing business with them. I hope you find this email useful for your online business.

Social media is an important channel where you should publish your content. Stay tuned for our next marketing tips on which social media you should choose to do this and how you should do that.


Posted by Jeff

Content Marketing Tips 1

Content marketing is the most important element in today’s internet marketing in order that your website may stand out and be liked by search engines. Here are the two tips we would like to share today:

1. Write good quality content that will benefit your audience – Understand your customers’ needs is important as they do not care what you sell but they only care what they want to buy. They care a lot about the benefits they would be getting as a result of using your products. Do you offer them some value before asking them to buy? What is the reason they need to buy your product? Could your product solve their problem? For example, if you are selling sexy lingerie, what is the main reason woman buys sexy lingerie? What are her pain points? Does she just buy it because the price is right? Or does she buy it because it makes her look extra-ordinary in front of her boyfriend or husband? What if she looks better in her lingerie than when she is naked. What if she can make her husband begs to go to bed with her in her lingerie every night? What happen if by wearing the sexy lingerie that you sell, she could get her husband claw over broken glass and begs for her forgiveness and promise that he will get home latest by 8 pm every day? What happen if she could save a lot of money by buying from you and yet she still gets to enjoy all the benefits that other lingerie offers? These are just some examples but you should think about what you could offer to your customers that would help solve their problems. Customers don’t just buy from you if there is no compelling reason for them to do so.

Plus size lingerie

2. Write “Ever Green” content – This type of content will literally be read over and over again by people regardless of time change. If you are selling leggings, you could write articles about how leggings fit with most types of blouse and tunic. You could write about why leggings are so hot in style and yet they are so comfortable. You could offer insight how to choose to wear legging for different occasions. You could also talk about which type of leggings are the most popular in your country. If you are selling Harry Porter’s magic wands, you could talk about why every kid must have a piece of the magic wand and why Harry Porter is a hero in every kid’s heart. What could they learn from Harry Porter? If you are selling sexy lingerie, then you could talk about the different types of lingerie and how to select the lingerie that best suit her body type, and how to avoid making mistake on wearing them. For example, women with small tits are not suitable to wear corset, while woman with big butt would not want to wear something that is too tight and make them look cumbersome. You can also share your own experience in wearing sexy lingerie if you are a lady and why is it important to wear sexy lingerie even if you are single.

By offering your audience good quality content that will benefit them, your turnkey website would tend to have higher chance to be remembered by them and subsequently turn them into your customers. Beside good content, you must also take note on the meta keywords and descriptions as these are still the important elements in SEO. The meta keywords and descriptions could be customized on the content page in the back office of the turnkey store.


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What kind of value does turnkey solution really offer?

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to build a successful online business due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of customers sources;
  2. Not enough capital to invest in inventory and maintain the daily operating cost;
  3. Online market is getting too competitive;
  4. Inability to find the right products to sell;
  5. Inability to keep updated with new products due to lack of support from suppliers;
  6. Lack of effective online marketing skill;
  7. Lack of product knowledge;
  8. Not willing to put in enough time and effort on social media;
  9. Do not understand what the competitors are doing;
  10. Do not understand the customers needs;
  11. Marketing funnel is not targeted enough;
  12. Failure to build trust with customers;
  13. Other reasons

Our “Done-it-for-you” Turnkey Solution Service helps online marketers focus on getting customers while leaving everything else to us.

blog banner 1 offers the following values to our members:

1. We provide thousands of products which are ready to be dropshipped to your customers
You could select any product types that you would like to sell on your website. You decide what price you want to sell and you only make payment to us for the product as and when you have an order. No additional handling fee will be charged and what you need to do is to market your website.

2. E-Commerce Storefront / Shopping Cart Software
We are not only a group of technical people but also e-commerce expert with many years of online marketing experiences. We know how to build successful web-stores and convert visitors into customers.We offer a full e-commerce website that is crucial in brand building. It has the capabilities of capturing email list and provide wonder shopping experience for shoppers. The flexibility of changing banners whenever you like and switching between free shipping” and “paid shipping” mode enable you to target your audience better. In the new upgraded version of our turnkey stores, we have about 50 new features and enhancements added. You are also able to choose a number of pre-built templates and setup your site on the fly.

3. Product and Image data update automated
Our system processes product datafeeds and downloads images from our, and updates your webstore automatically and constantly. With this service, you don’t need to worry about how to update product, download image. We would build the entire website and load them with amazing products for you at your choice. We would add new products constantly to your website. Just sit back and focus on your online marketing and customer service.

4. Customize the look of your storefront
In addition to a number of standard storefront templates you can choose from, we can also make specified layouts for you. Just let us know what kind of layout you prefer, and we can make it.

5. Affordable prices for products
We keep all the inventory and offer them at factory prices. You could be assured that you could sell them with handsome profit, if you are doing it right.

6. Inventory Management and ShippingWe would update the inventory and handle the shipping for you. You do not need to worry about managing the inventory, updating new stocks, packaging and shipping. We do everything for you.

7. Not just a website but more like an e-commerce mall
As we are offering multiple product types for you to sell, your website could carry multiple product types from different industries at the same time. This provides more product opportunities to your customers and increase chances of the sale.

8. Affiliate Program
The built-in affiliate program on the turnkey store is designed to help our members getting more sales by leveraging on social media as well as other channels.

9. Private Labelling Service
We ship your order with your private labels. Your customers would not know about us.

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