How To Make Your Dream Comes Through?

Based on my personal preference, the best way to visualise your goals is to create a vision board. Print out pictures from google, cut pictures from magazines, or whatever – that symbolises each and every one of your goals. If you have a clear picture of when you want to achieve each goal, annotate it on the picture.

Everyday, sit down, and visualise each and every one of those goals. Don’t just visualise it – feel it. Hear the sounds. See the sights. Feel the sensations.

If your goal is to get a new Aston Martin then feel the rush as you hit the accelerator to hit 160mph. Hear that burly engine rumble at the weight of your right foot. Feel the wind through your hair… Immerse yourself in a daydream so real it feels like you’re there.

aston martin

I wish all your dream comes through!

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Should I sell things on Ebay or make my own shopping website?

Selling on Ebay is what a lot of sellers are doing because it is simply the easiest thing to do and it’s a no brainer. You do not need any marketing skill and all you need is to pay Ebay for the traffic and get your items sold, period. However, is this something that would work for long term if you are building a brand and trying to get people to remember it?

If you would notice, there are a lot of factories and suppliers from China who are selling on Ebay nowadays and their selling price is absolutely shockingly low. What they do is selling at extremely low prices while not adding any value on their products and services. All they do is to beat other suppliers by offering cut-throat prices. It is very hard for any reseller to compete against these China factories or suppliers if you are sourcing the goods from China (Unless you are big company which imports goods by containers). With the images, descriptions, store template and everything else are pretty much the same on Ebay, buyers would always go for the lowest priced items if the reviews are not so bad. The reason is simple. There is no “branding” element for most of the stores on Ebay and the buyer won’t care who they buy it from. All they know is Ebay’s goods is cheap.

Imagine if your boyfriend buys you a gift from Ebay on your 1st anniversary, how would you feel? Would you tell someone the handbags you carried to the pubs or parties was bought from Ebay? Would you be so happy to share on social media what you have bought from Ebay today?

While I agree that Ebay has tremendous traffic and you will definitely get your things sold on Ebay, it is totally a different thing when you are building a brand and trying to build up fans on it. If you want to sell on Ebay, make sure you are able to beat the selling price of the suppliers from China (Most of the time they would include shipping fee in the item and that makes it harder to compete with them).

Is it worth selling on Ebay?
Is it worth selling on Ebay?

If you are building a business in long term and you want a lot of returning customers who become your long term fans, the key is to understand the need of your customers and approach them with better service and build trust with them. Having your own webstore takes time to build traffic but once you manage to establish yourself as an authority on the internet for your products and services, and find your niche market, for example, become a gift store that everyone buys gift for their girlfriends on Valentine’s day. People will tend to remember your website better than remembering a seller’s username on Ebay.

If you know what to achieve in long term, you could have a Ebay store to build get first time customers and then slowly lead them to buy from your own website.