Now You Can Wear Your Favorite Fragrance Wherever You Go

Without carrying the whole bottle of your favorite perfume, you can still wear your favorite fragrance wherever you go! This is the Mini Travel Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer which is selling hot on facebook. Here is how you can sell it too and generate tons of sale!

Mini Travel Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer
Mini Travel Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer

Check out this facebook page:

Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer 1

facebook page

Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer 3

Follow the steps outlined below to create your store and start selling this product:

Step 1: Create your own turnkey web store under “Creative Ideas” and import this product and other relevant products to your store. Click here. Your product page would look similar to this.

Step 2: Download the following video using and upload it to your own youtube account/channel:

Step 3: Create a facebook page with a story line surrounding this product using

Step 4: Create a facebook post similar to the one outlined above using the video you have just uploaded and insert the your own product page link of this product in the post. It is advisable to set up a discount for this product and announce it on your post. You can also give a time limited offer.

Step 5: Create a facebook advertisement on with “Engagement” and target the following interest groups:

perfume spray - fb target

Note: You can target as many fragrance brands as possible by always limit your target audience within the size of 350K to 500K if you are targeting people who lives in the US. Your daily advertising budget should not exceed $10 for the start.

Step 6: Remember to edit the “placement” by only keeping the “feeds” if you wish to reduce your advertising cost.

Start importing this product to your turnkey store today.


Please contact if you have any question on the above and stick around for more hot selling products which would help you boost sales instantly!

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