This military grade rim Brush Hero was designed to be the BEST wheel brush ever. We were delighted to find that Brush Hero works wonders on just about ANY tough mess! Brush Hero spins with an impressive amount of torque, and works with any standard garden hose. IT’S NOT MEANT TO SPIN FAST! 

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Follow the steps outlined below to create your store and start selling this product:

Step 1: Create your own turnkey web store under “Creative Ideas” and import this product and other relevant products to your store. Click here. Your product page would look similar to this.

Step 2: Download the following video using and upload it to your own youtube account/channel:

Step 3: Create a facebook page with a story line surrounding this product using

Step 4: Create a facebook post similar to the one outlined above using the video you have just uploaded and insert the your own product page link of this product in the post. It is advisable to set up a discount for this product and announce it on your post. You can also give a time limited offer.

Step 5: Create a facebook advertisement on

Note: You can target as many similar key word as possible by always limit your target audience within the size of 350K to 500K if you are targeting people who lives in the US. Your daily advertising budget should not exceed $10 for the start.

Step 6: Remember to edit the “placement” by only keeping the “feeds” if you wish to reduce your advertising cost.

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Be charming with these Plus Size Lingerie !!

Check out our new Plus Size series lingerie
They are charming , attractive and full with temptation !!
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Want to create your own lingerie brands with these hot product ?

Follow the steps outlined below to create your store and start selling this product:

Step 1: Create your own turnkey web store under “Creative Ideas” and import this product and other relevant products to your store. Click here. Your product page would look similar to this.

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So What The Heck Is and why Should you care?

banner - english 1 is not just another marketplace that sells products. It is a platform that helps you create your own ownline store complete with products and have the goods dropshipped to your customer in your own brand.

But why do you need your own web store?

The are a few ways to set up your own e-commerce business. Many people are selling on marketplaces such as ebay, amazon, wish, google store and so on. These market places make it easy for you to sell your own products.

However, you would notice that it is getting very competitive on these marketplaces, and you are competing directly with the suppliers from China.

A new way of marketing has emerged since the launch of advertisement by facebook. With your own mega shopping mall set up in just 24 hours, you could start marketing the products on facebook and start making money immediately!

With your own web store, the advertising cost you spent will only drive traffic to your own web store and not someone’s else!

With, you do not have to pay for the inventory until you have a sale. All the goods would be shipped by us on your behalf to your customers. We will ship them in your brand.

Set up your own web store in 24 hours

3 easy steps to get started:

1. Choose a product niche you would like to sell.

2. Select a webstore template based on that product niche.

3. Select a service package and subscription plan.

You could choose to have a niche based web store or a mega shopping mall. If you choose to have a mega shopping mall, your web store would look like this (please visit :

megashoppingclub - small

Market the products on facebook

Once your web store is up, you can start your own facebook campaign. From the 10,000 products on your store, simply select a few that you are interested in selling and start advertising them on facebook.

For example, you are interested in selling sports wear. Simply create a page on facebook for these products, download the product images on your store and post them on your page. Here are some examples the inquiry we manage to get with just 3 weeks of advertisements:

FB advert

FB advert 1

FB advert 2

FB advert 3 is different from other turnkey stores providers and dropshipping companies. These are the diferrences:

1. Your own mega shopping mall is set up in 24 hours, and you are able to uplod your own products to it as well.

2. When you have a sale, you do not have to place a separate order with us. You only have to make the payment.

3. When your customers enquire about the products, you do not have to send separate inquiry to different suppliers;

4. You do not have to update new products or remove out-of-stock products because we will synchronize evverything on your website;

5. We ship the goods with your private labels so that your customers would recognise your brand only;

6. We ship to any country in the world which means you could sell to any country;

things we do and you do

Below are some examples of how much profit you can make on the products:

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See what our customers are saying:testimonial 1

testimonial 2

2000 resellers are using to start up their own online business. What are you waiting for?

logo of stores 919

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Mega Shopping Mall For Serious Sellers

We know you have to be versatile in order to stay in the competition. That’s why we created the mega shopping mall which could seamlessly import different types of products on our website to yours. With the mega shopping mall, we help you provide a one stop service for your visitors.

Mega shopping mall
Mega shopping mall overview

We would like your feedback

Please check the mega shopping mall samples below and let us have your feedback:

With these shopping mall templates, you can sell as many items as you want to. All products could be imported and removed at fingertips.

We could also customize the shopping mall template for you. Just tell us how you would like it to look like.