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Step 1: Create your own turnkey web store under “Creative Ideas” and import this product and other relevant products to your store. Click here. Your product page would look similar to this.

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Content Marketing Tips 1

Content marketing is the most important element in today’s internet marketing in order that your website may stand out and be liked by search engines. Here are the two tips we would like to share today:

1. Write good quality content that will benefit your audience – Understand your customers’ needs is important as they do not care what you sell but they only care what they want to buy. They care a lot about the benefits they would be getting as a result of using your products. Do you offer them some value before asking them to buy? What is the reason they need to buy your product? Could your product solve their problem? For example, if you are selling sexy lingerie, what is the main reason woman buys sexy lingerie? What are her pain points? Does she just buy it because the price is right? Or does she buy it because it makes her look extra-ordinary in front of her boyfriend or husband? What if she looks better in her lingerie than when she is naked. What if she can make her husband begs to go to bed with her in her lingerie every night? What happen if by wearing the sexy lingerie that you sell, she could get her husband claw over broken glass and begs for her forgiveness and promise that he will get home latest by 8 pm every day? What happen if she could save a lot of money by buying from you and yet she still gets to enjoy all the benefits that other lingerie offers? These are just some examples but you should think about what you could offer to your customers that would help solve their problems. Customers don’t just buy from you if there is no compelling reason for them to do so.

Plus size lingerie

2. Write “Ever Green” content – This type of content will literally be read over and over again by people regardless of time change. If you are selling leggings, you could write articles about how leggings fit with most types of blouse and tunic. You could write about why leggings are so hot in style and yet they are so comfortable. You could offer insight how to choose to wear legging for different occasions. You could also talk about which type of leggings are the most popular in your country. If you are selling Harry Porter’s magic wands, you could talk about why every kid must have a piece of the magic wand and why Harry Porter is a hero in every kid’s heart. What could they learn from Harry Porter? If you are selling sexy lingerie, then you could talk about the different types of lingerie and how to select the lingerie that best suit her body type, and how to avoid making mistake on wearing them. For example, women with small tits are not suitable to wear corset, while woman with big butt would not want to wear something that is too tight and make them look cumbersome. You can also share your own experience in wearing sexy lingerie if you are a lady and why is it important to wear sexy lingerie even if you are single.

By offering your audience good quality content that will benefit them, your turnkey website would tend to have higher chance to be remembered by them and subsequently turn them into your customers. Beside good content, you must also take note on the meta keywords and descriptions as these are still the important elements in SEO. The meta keywords and descriptions could be customized on the content page in the back office of the turnkey store.


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