How to Develop a YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and a cornerstone of video marketing. While the benefits of the platform are clear, getting started with YouTube and creating an effective video marketing strategy is difficult for many businesses.

A powerful YouTube marketing strategy consists of four key components: planning (and more importantly, knowing your goals), quality content, consistency and targeting.

From the Ground Up: Planning Video Content for YouTube

Planning and incorporating video in your editorial calendar is an essential step in awesome YouTube marketing.

Great video marketing takes pre-meditated effort. You have to strategize, and more importantly, set concrete and attainable goals, when publishing content on YouTube. Are you pushing for a higher subscriber rate, or are you more interested in raw visibility? Your desired outcome will affect how you produce, edit and optimize new content for YouTube.

One great tactic we highly recommend is reviewing your business’s top 10 most organically-viewed blog/FAQ topics and producing extended video pieces, interviews and even audio read-throughs of those topics. 

Focus on Content Consistency

When marketing your business with YouTube, or really any other video platform, the most effective strategies involve recurring and predictable content. Users aren’t as likely to subscribe to your channel if you publish content intermittently, every few weeks, than they would be if you uploaded new content each Monday or on the first day of each month.

On YouTube, sheer volume is the name of the game for building your follower base; additional annotation links, proper tagging and SEO power through descriptions are secondary.

Like traditional blogs and podcasts, the best thing you can do to generate an active audience on YouTube is to share content consistently, and then distribute this content across all of your social media channels.

If you’re utilizing video as a form of blog content, for instance, we recommend incorporating all video posts, titles and descriptions in your ongoing content calendar/blogging documents. This helps in both planning future posts and keeping production on your weekly/monthly radar. Even if all you’re publishing is a recorded webinar or podcast video, set those expectations to keep viewers opening your promo emails and, ultimately, returning to your site.

Tailor Content for Subscribers and the Community

Keep your target audience in mind when creating new YouTube content and optimizing playlists on YouTube.

Most folks who will access your YouTube uploads and playlists are doing so natively on YouTube. Merely publishing content on YouTube and throwing it on your website or across social channels doesn’t cut it. The businesses that market most effectively with YouTube are those that modify their channels, annotations and actual video content for their users.

Think about the path new viewers will take to reach your YouTube videos, and ultimately the next steps necessary to drive those viewers to your site.

Here are some quick tips on specializing content for your specific target audience:

  • Unless you’re publishing a webinar or have set expectations for a long-form video, keep your business’s YouTube content under 3 minutes in duration. As a general marketing strategy, video is powerful in its simplicity.
  • Tailor annotations and other end-of-video link options for individual videos, and push viewers along a natural conversion path with your playlists. This is particularly important for series of videos or other project-specific content. On YouTube, how you format the end of your videos and incorporate external/playlist links can make all the difference between a lost viewer and a website conversion.

At the End of the Day…

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: businesses that use YouTube in conjunction with other hosting platforms (native social media uploaders, private hosting options and the like) typically see the biggest return on their video marketing efforts. For most organizations, YouTube’s greatest marketing value is its audience scope, SEO juice and custom channel options.

Any and all video content you produce should also be uploaded on private hosting services and cross-promoted on YouTube for extra traction. Plan accordingly, create channel playlists based on topic, upload at recurring, predictable intervals and reinforce all uploads with adequate descriptions and tags.

The right way to market with YouTube involves much more than just uploading high quality content; it requires that content to be published consistently, refined on a per-video basis and streamlined for viewers.

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Generating leads with content marketing

Content marketing is proving to be a large part of any successful lead generation effort.

Content marketing is anything a company creates and shares to tell their story. It becomes particularly important as the new buyer self –educates through the buying journey via online channels.

According to Heidi Coben, content marketing expert and blogger, content marketing’s major attributes include the following:-

  • Embodies the product of firm’s core brand elements.
  • Uses a variety of media formats such as text, video, photos, audio, ebooks, and infographics to tell a brand story.
  • Can be consumed on a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • Is distributed through your owned properties like your website and blog, through third-party contacts and vendors, and social media platforms.
  • Provides measureable results through the use of appropriate calls-to-action.

Exploring Content

Content helps you build trust and become a thought leader in your space. Without quality content, you won’t have a comprehensive lead generation plan.

Create a content that could help your buyers and gain their trust in you by providing solutions to their problem.  When you help a buyer with a problem, you become top-of-mind.  After you gain a buyer’s trust because you have helped him so many times, convincing a buyer that your product or service is the best becomes much easier.

Being a thought leader

When prospects discover your company, most likely, they don’t yet have trust in your brand and they aren’t ready to make a purchase. You need to create something that is useful and not something that turns people off.  Thought leadership needs to be educational and ideally provocative.

Thought leadership in content marketing helps you:

  • Create relationships with customers and prospects by engaging in relevant conversations.
  • Differentiate yourself as a source for research and best practices across your industry.
  • Build trust with prospects so that when they are ready to make a purchase they automatically go to the industry leader.

The key here is to make sure you are sending the right message at the right time in a lead’s buying cycle.

Blog that comes in handy at the right time will attract people to subscribe to your blog.  The first brand that comes to mind might be the one who’s been sending helpful content over a period of time.

Leveraging promotional content

Promotional content is an asset that delivers hard sell.  This should be used when a lead is very close to making a purchase. However, for the purpose of lead generation, you will mostly be using content that can be considered thought leadership in nature because you are trying to create relationships. Promotional content can come later in the buying cycle.

Considering different forms of content

To make sure you’re reaching every potential buyer, use a variety of content types.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Ebook: An ebook is a digital book that consists of text and images. Ebooks can be easily consumed on computers and mobile devices.  They can be a few pages, hundreds of pages long, or anywhere in between.  The great part about an ebook is that you can base many of your additional assets off the written content.
  • Whitepapers and reports: Many people think of whitepapers and reports as being interchangeable with ebooks.  However, I think of a whitepaper more as a long-form authoritative report or manual.  Whitepapers often take the form of benchmarks and industry reports.
  • One-pager/cheat sheet: A one-pager or cheat sheet is a short piece of content that informs a reader about a product, service or concept in an extremely digestive way. These are always one page, but copy can also be on the back.
  • Activity book/worksheet: An activity book is a great way to get interactive with your content.  Instead of just telling your audience what to do, walk them through it!  Think check lists, questionnaires, and templates. Even consider something fun like coloring book, word scramble, or crossword puzzle.
  • Video: Marketing videos come in many forms. Think 60-90 second demo videos, animated shorts, love action commercials, webinar recordings, and presentation recordings, to name a few.
  • Infographic: Visual content is a great way to reach your audience in a fun and interesting way.  An infographic takes a complex story, often including stats and quotes, and uses graphical elements to bring it to life in a more concise manner.  Infographics are typically short and are scrollable on a computer screen on mobile phone.
  • Slide Decks: Visual slide decks are a great way to present longer form information in an engaging way. You can create a special visual slide deck using creative visuals from an infographic, or you can upload a webinar presentation slide deck.  Slide decks should present information in an easy-to-digest format, and also tell a compelling story at the same time in order to engage your reader.
  • Podcasts: Never underestimate the power of a podcast.  A podcast is a vocal recording of a presentation, webinar, or speech.  A person can listen to a podcast on the go-in her car, on her headphones, and so on.

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Content Marketing Tips 1

Content marketing is the most important element in today’s internet marketing in order that your website may stand out and be liked by search engines. Here are the two tips we would like to share today:

1. Write good quality content that will benefit your audience – Understand your customers’ needs is important as they do not care what you sell but they only care what they want to buy. They care a lot about the benefits they would be getting as a result of using your products. Do you offer them some value before asking them to buy? What is the reason they need to buy your product? Could your product solve their problem? For example, if you are selling sexy lingerie, what is the main reason woman buys sexy lingerie? What are her pain points? Does she just buy it because the price is right? Or does she buy it because it makes her look extra-ordinary in front of her boyfriend or husband? What if she looks better in her lingerie than when she is naked. What if she can make her husband begs to go to bed with her in her lingerie every night? What happen if by wearing the sexy lingerie that you sell, she could get her husband claw over broken glass and begs for her forgiveness and promise that he will get home latest by 8 pm every day? What happen if she could save a lot of money by buying from you and yet she still gets to enjoy all the benefits that other lingerie offers? These are just some examples but you should think about what you could offer to your customers that would help solve their problems. Customers don’t just buy from you if there is no compelling reason for them to do so.

Plus size lingerie

2. Write “Ever Green” content – This type of content will literally be read over and over again by people regardless of time change. If you are selling leggings, you could write articles about how leggings fit with most types of blouse and tunic. You could write about why leggings are so hot in style and yet they are so comfortable. You could offer insight how to choose to wear legging for different occasions. You could also talk about which type of leggings are the most popular in your country. If you are selling Harry Porter’s magic wands, you could talk about why every kid must have a piece of the magic wand and why Harry Porter is a hero in every kid’s heart. What could they learn from Harry Porter? If you are selling sexy lingerie, then you could talk about the different types of lingerie and how to select the lingerie that best suit her body type, and how to avoid making mistake on wearing them. For example, women with small tits are not suitable to wear corset, while woman with big butt would not want to wear something that is too tight and make them look cumbersome. You can also share your own experience in wearing sexy lingerie if you are a lady and why is it important to wear sexy lingerie even if you are single.

By offering your audience good quality content that will benefit them, your turnkey website would tend to have higher chance to be remembered by them and subsequently turn them into your customers. Beside good content, you must also take note on the meta keywords and descriptions as these are still the important elements in SEO. The meta keywords and descriptions could be customized on the content page in the back office of the turnkey store.


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Content is King, Design is Queen, But Don’t Forget the Marketing Prince

Content is king

In order for a website to be successful, it needs to have quality content. First and foremost, people want to be moved, entertained, or even sold on a quality product. While flashy pictures and an attractive background may help, they are only secondary means to the end. Even with upgrades in design, content continues to reign as king due to its importance in providing readers with the information they need.

The most sought after content is that which provides something new and easily digestible to its audience. While interesting content sells, it still needs to be understandable to a large enough audience in order to produce profits. It also helps to have wit and humor sprinkled throughout in order to remain relatable and entertaining. Some examples of profitable content are entertainment, reviews, and commentary on current events. If possible, try to make lists to help your content sell. Top 10 lists are very popular and will allow your readers to easily skim through the content.

Design is queen

With content as king, design is able to reign as a nice secondary queen. Make no mistake, the king and queen need to be together in order to rule the kingdom. With your webpage as the kingdom, content and design should blend beautifully together into a nice and elegant union. The content may be the most important aspect, but the design helps to enhance your page in all of the right ways.

It is important to take note of user experience (UX) in order to enhance the navigation of your site. While the trends in responsive design are worth taking note of, site functionality is the key to keeping your readers engaged. Your site should be easy to navigate and without avant-garde frills; if they can’t find their way around, they won’t stick around. Keep your site-map and links simple to help guide your users through your webpage.

Your design may be minimalist in order to allow viewers to focus solely on your content. You may utilize colors, artwork, and other post-modern designs in the hopes of creating a unique and memorable experience. As long as the design matches and does not overshadow the content, you will have a nice symmetry that attracts and keeps users.

Meet the new prince

You’ve met the established king and queen, and now it’s time to meet the new prince: marketing. Marketing is the third and important part of establishing your website for long term success. Without marketing, people will never be exposed to the website you’ve created. While you may get a few people stumbling upon your site, you will fail to get the views your business needs to thrive in today’s virtual economy.

Marketing is Prince
Bad content + good design + good marketing =…

If you have a beautifully designed webpage with a strong marketing campaign around it, then you are sure to get an initial rush of hits. People will hear of your site, and then will stay for a short amount of time due to aesthetics. However, they will most likely not stick around due to a lack of quality content. Over time, poor content will fail to keep them excited about your website. No matter how flashy and grand your graphics are, your content is what will keep people begging for more.

Good content + bad design + good marketing =…

While it is crucial that you have strong content to emotionally affect your audience, it is still not the only ingredient necessary in making a hit website. You can have amazing content combined with exceptional marketing and still have be missing an important piece of the puzzle. While content is still king, you will need a well designed website in order to enhance the content.

A website needs to have a design that enhances the content in the best ways possible. If a design is lackluster, cheap, or mismatched with the content, then audiences may lose trust in the author or owner of the site. The design needs to show people that the website is reputable, well maintained, and that the owner cares enough to keep it interesting. Failing this, visitors will not be able to entirely connect with the website no matter how enticing the content may be.

Bad content + bad design + good marketing =…

If you have bad content and distasteful design, then it doesn’t matter how hard your marketing team works. Sure, it may get a few hits or an initial rush of curious visitors, but it won’t get you subscribers or a following. One of the keys to successful internet businesses is maintaining a trust and kinship with your audience. In order to do this, you need to have the king and queen fully functional before the prince makes his move.

Examples of the holy trinity in action

You don’t have to look far to see cases where the holy trinity has helped a site to make profits and grow a following. As one example, look at the comedy website While this website is known and visited primarily due to its comedic and controversial content, it has utilized design and marketing in order to be one of the best in its class.

Cracked has been focusing on its content from day one, yet it has been able to upgrade its design and marketing in order to stay ahead and keep its readership growing. In terms of content, Cracked makes sure only to publish articles by writers that they have chosen according to their standards. While readers may not enjoy every article they stumble upon, they are likely to find something in their niche to keep them coming back.


With design, Cracked has generally utilized a modest theme in order to enhance the content on the website. With a white background and a magazine-style layout, Cracked is able to stay distinct without ever being overbearing. In response to reader feedback, the website upgraded to a more secured format to enhance the comments feature. This is an example of a website listening to its audience and upgrading accordingly.

As for marketing, Cracked features links for social network sites at the left side of every article. This allows users to instantly spread their favorite articles on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. This is free marketing for Cracked, and it allows them to be seen and read by thousands without any extra effort on their part. All they need is an entertaining and memorable article, and then their fans take care of the rest.

How to market your content without spamming

As we’ve seen with the Cracked example, it is important to let your content do the marketing for you. It is ideal if you let the ideas spread organically through sharing, linking, and reposting. While this is the most ideal form of marketing, it is not always possible for newer websites.

In order to get your content seen, you should initially market it to the applicable target group. You will need a base following in order to spread organically, and you must first focus on building that group. You can do this by paying for ads on related websites, or you can use SEO techniques in order to utilize Google search results.

You can also use more modern approaches to advertising. Instead of waiting for a following to share your stories, you can do it yourself on sites like Reddit or Facebook. If you can create a discussion around a topic on your site, then you will have curious readers exposed to the rest of your site as well.

By understanding what makes a webpage advance, it is now time to unite your king and queen with their new prince. Make sure to keep each aspect of your website up to its fullest potential in order to see results. With strong marketing techniques and a fulfilling design, you will be able to ensure the success of your original content.

How to gauge your site’s success

By following Google analytics, you can map the current traffic stats of your site. If there are ever long periods of dipped traffic, then you may want to increase your marketing efforts. It is ideal if your traffic grows steadily over time. You can also gauge how long the average visitor spends on your site. If most visitors explore your site and read numerous articles, you will have a greater chance of building a strong base.

Finally, you can gauge the content of your site by tracking the comments and resharing rate. If there is a comment section on your site, then check to ensure that the feedback is positive. If there is a discussion forum, then check to ensure that the discussion is civil, productive, and inviting. As for the re-sharing rate, you should see how many visitors are coming through second-party sites like Facebook. If your visitors are sharing your site with their friends, then you can enjoy the thrill of free marketing!


It is important to look objectively at your work to see its strengths and weaknesses. Does your website have a synergy of king, queen, and prince? Which of these three aspects do you find to be most important in achieving success? Try and think of examples where all three meet in an exceptional way. You can also think of ways where a site has lacked either design, content, or strong marketing and was still successful.

By keeping these three techniques in mind, you will be able to see internet marketing in a whole new way. Utilize these new techniques in order to get your website seen today!

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