We are not an IT company, but a fashion supplier

A lot of people may think that we are an IT company. No we are not.

We are a fashion supplier who has been supplying lingerie fashion for more than 8 years and we have a large number of distributors around the world.

In order for our distributors to be able to market our products in an effective manner and help them reduce cost of operation and minimize the investment on inventory, we created the turnkey solution system which enables them to have a ready built e-commerce website imported with all our product lines and have them sent to their customers by way of dropship.

Apart from helping our distributors building an online presence and supplying them with products of superb quality to sell, we also help them build up their own brand. We do this by displaying their own private labels to their customers in the order packages. Their customers would only see the distributors’ information in the package and not the information belongs to our company or anyone else.

Our goal is not just to offer a website to anyone. Our goal is to help those who have the right business minds to start their own online business by giving them our full support as a supplier. Our goal is to provide them with the necessary platforms and tools to market our products in an effective manner and help them build up their own brands.

As your supplier and products manager, you could rely on us building up your very own online business in a very short span of time. All we want you to do is to make money for yourself.


Famous Latino Sensation Noelia is using our system to build her own lingerie brand. Check out her website at www.noelicious.com. What are you waiting for?

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