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Could you trust your dropship suppliers?

Could you trust your dropship suppliers that they do not put in their own business name and contact information in the package when they dropship it to your customers? How do you make sure they protect your interest and do not “steal” your customers away from you?

You could do this by:

  1. Order samples from the dropship suppliers to check
  2. Call your customers (if they are nice) and check with them what do they receive

Even you are okay that there is no information regarding the supplier in the package, how do you make sure things will go on smoothly forever?

To make sure your customers only see your own brand on the products, you could ask your suppliers if they do offer you private labeling service.

your private label

Your brand is important to your business. This is a very important question you should ask your dropship suppliers before you even start your online business with dropshipping. Without building up your own brand, there is no difference from selling on ebay!

Do not underestimate the importance of private labels. Check out our private label service and amazing packaging styles that would keep your customers coming back!


The Myth About Private Labels

your private label

A lot of people think private label is just a myth and it is not important. I could tell you that private label is not just a label but it is brand. A piece of new clothing that has no tag or brand on it is equivalent to second hand. It is time that we start thinking about branding. It is not just about selling but it is about telling your customers who you are. provides private labelling service (paper tags with your brand name and logo) to help you build up your brand. When you opt for this service, we would make 1000 pieces of brand tags for you and would insert one tag to each of the item in your order before shipping them to your customers. We will keep the labels until they are finished and we will then inform you to replenish.

private labels
private labels

Our experience tells us that members who opted from private labels tend to sell better than members who did not. Private label is not a myth but a very important element for online selling. In this competitive business environment and if you are not selling something that no other people sells, it is more important to tell your customers who they are buying from, than just telling them what they are buying.

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